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  • There were a few people out walking, biking and some just packing up their books after a day of studying in the park as dusk settled in the sky. She crept to the kitchen, wincing when the hardwood floor creaked beneath her feet.
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    He could have easily caught that throw, Linda defended, It wasn't your fault. Charlotte looked up, breathless with fright and saw the back of Camden's tailed wig leaning precariously over the top of the gate.
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  • While she sat, alone, in her cell, she glared at Ted who stood on the other side of the bars, a free man.
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  • Charlee believed in dressing sexy like it was a religion. There is more at risk here than the selfish act of love.
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  • She realized that she could trust him, and she liked that. She had been so busy that afternoon that she hadn t taken time to eat dinner, and the hors d oeuvres weren t filling enough to satisfy her hunger.
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    Even terrifying the woman, didn t stop her from making demands. His palm settled against the straining, heavy swell of her breast, his fingers closing gently, his hand moving, kneading rhythmically against her, finding the measure of her frantic heart and marking its pace.
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  • Her stomach would knot, her heart rate increased along with her breathing, her skin felt tingly all over, and she ached to touch him.
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  • She stared across the carriage cab at Una Renfred, her maid, 3 HIGHWAYMAN LOVER her eyes flown wide in alarm, her hand darting instinctively for the muff against her lap. Although, he was overwhelmed with relief when Lucas appeared several hours ago, he was still harboring some anger towards him at being foolish.

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  • Again, she could not imagine what difference it would make, or why Reilly would have lied, had he known Kenley had enlisted. Greta didn't have time to process the revelation that her mother wasn't her mother because Simon's cell phone started pounding out a sappy eighties ballad.
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  • His hand came up and stroked her soft cheek as she laid his head against his arm.
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  • Our links have recently changed
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    He chuckled, I guess we know where he gets that nickname from.
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  • Don t be angry at her baby, there was no harm done.
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  • She raised herself up and looked at him, Why me?
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  • She shuddered at the thought of her parents taking such an active interest in her sex life. She was pregnant by a man who did not stay around after 388 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story she found out.
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